Hyperloop Corridor

Why India needs the Hyperloop The population of India represents 18 percent of the world’s total population which arguably means that one person in every 5 people on the planet is a resident of India. As per current growth trends, India will surpass China as the world’s most populous country in 2022, six years earlier Read more about Hyperloop Corridor[…]

Government Policy and Acceleration Plan

Hyperloop. The very word invokes a feeling of mystery and disbelief as to whether it will ever make it in India. We, at the Hyperloop India team, believe it is possible. We’re working towards the Hyperloop One Global Competition. In order to answer the question, we want to look at India’s Government policy towards the Read more about Government Policy and Acceleration Plan[…]

Passengers & Cargo Flow

  In order to create the economic case for the Hyperloop in the chosen corridor in India to highlight a potential market, providing population and economic output statistics along the relevant Hyperloop corridor is key. In addition, the challenge also needs us to supply information about passenger (rail,airplane, road) and cargo(trucks, ships, freight trains) flows in the region for various Read more about Passengers & Cargo Flow[…]


Transformation Strategies

What really is important to unleash the strategic potential of Hyperloop in India? The Hyperloop is the transport of the new era, and is meant to fundamentally change we think about transport. We aim to be creative regarding how Hyperloop could fundamentally change India. Here are a couple thought-provoking questions we aim to answer – although this is Read more about Transformation Strategies[…]