June 24, 2016

What is being/has been done about the Hyperloop?

Development of the Hyperloop has grown exponentially since it was put forward by Elon Musk in 2013 – there are now businesses making investments in full scale engineering firms in different countries to realize this concept at a global level. One of these firms,Hyperloop One, started by a former SpaceX employee, has taken exceptional strides towards making Hyperloop a reality – the company’s much-awaited open-air propulsion test held just last month in Nevada was a resounding success and possibly a landmark event in transportation history. The Hyperloop promises to revolutionize countries by bringing markets, industries and people closer – and this same firm has open-sourced the discovery of regions that can actually develop and benefit from this promised mode of transport via a global competition – the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. This is very different from traditional engineering competitions: here, the company provides the technology, and we make a valid case for how it should be used in our country.

Hyperloop One has the publically declared goal of  making this new transport technology a reality by 2021. This strongly depends on upon successful testing and mustering immense investment that it would take!

Also, the SpaceX Hyperloop pod design competition is an incentive prize competition sponsored by SpaceX that is being held in 2015–2016 where a number of student and non-student teams are participating to design—and for some, build—a subscale prototype transport vehicle to demonstrate technical feasibility of various aspects of the Hyperloop concept. More about this competition here.

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