June 24, 2016

Who can get involved?

Hyperloop India is broadly constituted of and is bringing together organizations and individuals who fall into the following non-exhaustive list:
  • Private sector businesses who wish to secure Hyperloop to transform business conditions on their corridor.
  • Ministries or Departments of Transport which wants to secure Hyperloop to transform transport on their corridor.
  • Innovation Agencies seeking opportunities for businesses in your location to participate in the Hyperloop One supply chain.
  • Investors who see Hyperloop’s potential to generate transformational commercial returns through, for example, providing unbeatable rapid transport that offers premium comfort and massively lower operating costs.
  • Developers who see the potential to create once in a generation increases in property values as radically shorter Hyperloop journey times of a few minutes enable remote locations that were previously hours away to be developed or regenerated.
  • Academics or a research institute with research interests in the field who see the potential of Hyperloop to transform how people and places interact in the 21st Century economy.
  • Architectural firms that are able to envision not only how Hyperloop transforms the built environment in a particular place but also brings different places and functional spaces together to create new kinds of locations.
  • Transport operators with a proven track record in rail, air, maritime or multimodal that seeks to transform their service portfolio with Hyperloop.
  • Economic Development Agencies seeking to transform the locational competitiveness of your cities, region or country.
  • Engineering firms with expert knowledge of the corridor construction in local physical conditions.
  • DBFOM consortiums or Project Finance providers seeking to include Hyperloop in your project pipeline.
  • Regional or National Governments seeking to leverage Hyperloop to boost the image of and increase the worldwide profile of their territory.
  • Urban mobility designers interested in building greener, smarter cities

Find yourself in the above list and/or have powerful ideas about the Hyperloop? Drop us a mail at info[at]hyperloopindia.in to get in touch!

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