June 25, 2016

Why should I/my organization get involved?

This is an opportunity to:

  1. Work on a problem that is challenging, high-impact and solving which will affect the entire country by introducing a fundamentally new form of transport
  2. Work with diverse teams, handle complex data, gain unique perspectives on cutting-edge technology, business and economics, and be involved with publicity
  3. Interact and engage with transportation & development ministries as well as large transport/infrastructure/urban development conglomerates and companies
  4. Represent the country as a part of the collaboration responsible for bringing the Hyperloop to India
  5. Impact policies, legislative processes and acceleration plans related to transport and infrastructure
  6. Contribute to large-scale industrial development, boosts in economy, and clustering of communities
  7. Get your ideas about the Hyperloop mentored and refined for the Indian context by leading experts in the transport and infrastructure sector in India
  8. Be a part of a global transportation revolution aiming to link the world’s top economies

Category: The Hyperloop & India

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