June 24, 2016

What can I/my organization contribute?

This is not an engineering competition – Hyperloop One provides the technology, and we have to tell them how it is to be used in our location. Our case study has to be complete in these 5 areas:

  1. Hyperloop Route : Identification of corridors in India with the vision and drive to use Hyperloop to create new travel opportunities for passenger and cargo
  2. Transformation Strategies: Creative strategies regarding how the Hyperloop could fundamentally change the proposed corridor and region
  3. Passenger and Cargo Flows: Case studies related to population and economic output statistics along proposed Hyperloop corridor in India and details regarding passenger and cargo flows
  4. Government and Policy: Understanding of the methods of funding, permitting, and regulating large-scale infrastructure projects in the country
  5. Acceleration Plan: Proposals to coordinate, streamline, and accelerate the processes required for new infrastructure development

Apart from the above, our submission will also benefit from involvement from the sort of organizations listed here. If you are involved with such organisations or can get us in touch with them, then that would also be a invaluable contribution.

Category: The Hyperloop & India

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