January 19, 2017

Our Team

Sibesh Kar
Founder & Team Lead
Problem Solver-in-Chief. Trying to be useful.
Dhruv Mahajan
Software Lead, Campus Lead (BITS Goa)
My experience lies in software engineering, real-time systems, safety critical systems, computer networks, algorithms, network/web security, robotics and machine learning.
Praneeth Bheema
Hyderabad Campus Lead
I lead technical and non-technical sub teams at BITS Hyd. Part time Super Hero. Full time Rockstar.
Awais Ahmed N A
Levitation Lead
I work on designing, simulating and validating the magnetic arrays for the pod. My hair grows too quick and I dream silly stuff. I'm also funny... sometimes...
Roshan Pradhan
VD Lead
I am a budding engineer obsessed with radical change. First step - revolutionise transport!
Soham Jariwala
Aerodynamics Lead
I carry out CFD simulations and iterate designs for improving pod aerodynamics. My free time is spent exploring the fretboard of the guitar.
Harikrishnan R
Electronics lead
I was told to write a fun description of myself here. I politely declined.
Sreejith R
Electrical Systems Lead
I work on all things Electrical and Control systems. The lord of electrons is my name, building potentials to keep them tame.
Naman Malhotra
IT Lead
I handle the IT team of Hyperloop India. I am not a Ninja but I do crazy things like producing EDM music purely using code.
Prithvi Sankar
Business Development Lead
I focus on developing synergic relations with corporates and government agencies through mutually beneficial partnerships, while listening to Steven Wilson
Kush Dwivedi
Chief of structures
I work on making the ORCA Pod stronger, lighter and faster except this I am a monk surviving on caffeine
Harsh Grover
CAD and Renders Lead
When I am not "CAD-ing", I am either high on my thoughts of cosmos, with any possible kind of music in the background or taking headshots in CS:GO.
Sreeram Rajesh
Logistics Lead
Sophomore. Interested in fluid flow analysis. Arsenal fan. Part of Hyperloop India team since May 2016.
Arjun Ashoka
I’m an undergraduate Physics major passionate about all things sustainable. I work on FEM analysis, design and optimization of our levitation subsystem, help optimize the Pod’s velocity profile as well as plan our build schedule over this summer in Bangalore.
Anshul Jain
Levitation Engineer
I work on making the pod levitate. In my free time I read books on levitation and I just can't put them down.
Chirag Deshpande
Thermal system engineer
I work on the battery cooling systems for the team. Other than that I like outdoor sports and gaming.
V N Balavignesh
Technical Advisor
A fluid dynamics enthusiast at heart, I advise the team on technical aspects such as scaling and shape optimization among other things.
Rahul Bothra
Levitation Engineer
I work on the Levitation Module for the team. Rest of the time, I like to play with Binary...
Rohtash Singh Rathore
Business Development
My work relates to data sciences and procuring partnerships. Otherwise, I'm a worm inhaling all the caffeine, eating up books, while getting high on Bowie & Vai.
Kartik Kulgod
Electronics Engineer
I primarily work on the electronics aboard the pod. I try to stay grounded like them.
Ajay Surya
Electronics/Software Engineer
Previously worked on designing the control system for the nose opening mechanism. I will be working on integrating the electronics subsystem with the software for the orca pod
Akash Raj K N
I am trying to contribute in software engineering.
Jayant Jhamb
Structural Engineer
I work on braking mechanism for the team. But I hope that sleeping long becomes a paid occupation one day.
Siddharth Kumar
Aerodynamics Campus Lead
I am working on the aerodynamic simulations and shape optimization of the pod. Basically, I make it look cool af.
Hardik Shah
Aerodynamics, structural engineer
I had contributed to predict classical aerodynamic drag and analyse flow across the pod. Adventure and travel freak with headphones on.
Utkarsh Sarawgi
Electrical and Electronics Engineer
I work on designing electronics for the team. When I'm not doing that, I'm a psychedelic head, raving.
Shagun Parashar
Member, Business Development
I work on getting sponsorships and partnerships with different industry stakeholders and Government bodies. I am an engineer and a management candidate and binge on fictional reading and swimming.
Bivob Purkayastha
Nose opening and Structures
Passionate about engineering and technology and constantly exploring the possibilities for a better tomorrow.
Aishwarya Praveen
Electrical Systems and Business Development
I work on batteries and raising funds for the pod, when I'm not doing that, I'm mining for dank memes on reddit.
Vinamra Bhatia
Software Engineer
A tech enthusiast, working on software for the Hyperloop OrcaPod.
Smith Sen
Power Electronics Engineer, Business Development Team member
I work on battery management system and business development for the team. Well when I am free I will either read some novel or sleep like snorlax.
C V Kameshwar Sarma
Design Engineer, Mechanical/Structural Design
The Mechanical Guy (U might know how they turn out this place around).....perfectionism, that puts the wind in our sails.
Business Development Team
Currently a CFA candidate & leading the Business Development Team of Hyderabad Campus. When I'm not doing that, I'm taking risks via equity investments.
Jayanth Narayan
Business Development Member
I try to make sure the engineering guys have enough money to buy the toys they want to play with.
Rijubak Karmakar
Software Engineer
Work on Software Development for the team. Else I just plant Bombs in CS.
Neel Renavikar
Software Development
Fascinated by the way in which our little fingers shape the world, I work on developing the software for Hyperloop, the technology of future.
Aditya Katyayan
Vehicle Dynamics Team Member
I work on modelling the pod on Simmechanics to study and minimize pitch, roll and yaw.
Vinayak Aggarwal
CAD Engineer
I'm a clean-tech enthusiast. Guilty of finding serious situations extremely amusing.
Prateek Mody
A structural engineer and an entrepreneur with a passion for new tech and anything related to the civil and infrastructure field. I also play football and ski down double-black diamond lines.
Hussain Harianawala
Business Development(Sponsorship & Partnership)
Hard core business boy. Let me give you something worth dying for, how bout dah?
Gautam Merwan Balagopala
System Designer
I work to put people at the center of the hyperloop and to put the hyperloop at the center of the people, all before bedtime.
Aditya Patil
System Designer
I'm endeavoring to promote a positive difference by innovation through empathy study, user research, global case studies and user experience to people directly and indirectly associated to Hyperloop.
Prasam Pal
System Designer
I am working on solving wicked problems that would arise when this system will come into play. I am also working on the task flow based on the numerous case studies to make the system work smoothly.
Harshika Jain
Collaboration Platform Designer
I am working on a platform to get responses from multiple stakeholders for the team. Otherwise I can be found tripping on korean drama or having green tea.
Tanya Swami
Systems Designer
I work on designing the user experience; co-creating an aspirational model and translating it into an attainable entity.
Vaibhav Choudhary
Software Engineer
I am a kernel Developer, making machines understand and love each other. When I'm not doing that, I am breaking a leg on the dance floor!
Vehicle Dynamics
I work on designing the wheel assembly for the team because you need something to depend upon.
Sanket Patil
Vehicle Dynamics Engineer
I am currently working on braking module. Other than the "Engineer" i have a "Dancer" mode which gets triggered sometimes.
Akash Sharma
Vehicle Dynamics
I work on designing the suspension mounting system and constantly striving to be better.
Kshitij Khandelwal
Control Systems Engineer
I work as a Control Systems Engineer for the Levitation Subsystem and don't waste my time thinking funny descriptions for myself.
Pravar Mandloi
Electronics Engineer
Joined recently. I used to feel that flying is the real speed, then Hyperloop came in.
Mayank Kulshreshtha
Business Development(Sponsorship & Partnership)
Currently working for the Business Development team. When I'm not doing that I'm top-fragging in CS !!!