Passengers & Cargo Flow



In order to create the economic case for the Hyperloop in the chosen corridor in India to highlight a potential market, providing population and economic output statistics along the relevant Hyperloop corridor is key. In addition, the challenge also needs us to supply information about passenger (rail,airplane, road) and cargo(trucks, ships, freight trains) flows in the region for various forms of transport.

Using data and cases studies we aim to answer the following questions as accurately as possible for all the 5 corridors in consideration.

Passenger Demand

  1. Current Volumes: Number of people travelling in the chosen corridor, number of modes of transport, seasonal differences etc.
  2. Current Pricing: Pricing for each mode of transport (for car, expenses such as fuel, parking, tolls, as well as car ownership expenses).
  3. Trip Duration: How long does each mode take? Estimates of average access, boarding, and egress times.
  4. Future Demand: Plans for development, if any new modes of transport are being introduced in India.

Cargo Demand

  1. Current Volumes: What are current cargo volumes by mode, type of good, packaging method (pallet, container, aircraft ULD, etc.) for each O&D pair per annum in India? Stating flows as a bi-directional annual total and providing the trade balance, and accounting for seasonal variations.
  2. Current Pricing: Respective pricing of each mode in India, including tax advantages and subsidies.
  3. Trip Duration and Process:
    • How long does each mode take?
    • What supply chain practices must be adapted to for seamless integration?
    • What are estimates of handling times as well as transport times?
    • What stakeholders are influential along the value chain, and what bottlenecks impact those stakeholders

Future Demand: 

  1. Are there plans for industrial or commercial development, new distribution hubs, and/or population growth along this corridor in India?
  2. Any other considerations that may affect future demand?
  3. At a strategic level, how these freight flows could be made for efficient if a Hyperloop system capable of moving packages, pallets, containers, airfreight ULDs, and courier/postal consignments is available?

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