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What really is important to unleash the strategic potential of Hyperloop in India?

The Hyperloop is the transport of the new era, and is meant to fundamentally change we think about transport. We aim to be creative regarding how Hyperloop could fundamentally change India. Here are a couple thought-provoking questions we aim to answer – although this is not an exhaustive list.

We are aiming to take a data-driven approach and answer the following questions comprehensively :

  1. What happens when hours become minutes? Will you travel more or make different kinds
    of journeys?
  2. What happens when Hyperloop makes trips to remote cities shorter than trips to the
    suburbs by traditional modes?
  3. What happens when you can capture the value of new development to contribute to the
    capital cost of a Hyperloop network?
  4. What happens when prime waterfront land currently covered by ports is liberated by a
    Hyperloop container-shifter link to an inland container distribution hub?
  5. How do your supply chains in the vicinity of your corridor evolve and benefit from
  6. What happens when just-in-time deliveries can be made within minutes along your
  7. What happens when two or more major airports are linked via Hyperloop, essentially
    creating a single multi-runway super-hub and optimizing capacity?
  8. What happens when Hyperloop connections build powerhouse economies by combining
    populations, labor markets, cultural assets, and community services of separate cities
    into supercities?


Some Directions Of Thinking

Hyperloop will change our way of life in an unprecedented way. It will allow us to live anywhere, work anywhere and be anywhere. Consider a Hyperloop network build on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai corridor. It will seamlessly connect bring communities in Surat, Ahmedabad and Vadodara closer to Mumbai!

Now, Mumbai has high property rates – living is expensive and traffic is painful. A Hyperloop commute to Mumbai will allow person working in Mumbai to live in a cheaper and quiet city like Vadodara or Surat, and travel to work easily, cheaply and and in just 20 minutes.

What about cargo? It will also reduce transportation cost drastically, making goods cheaper for the general public, increasing delivery rate and reducing dependence on fuel(the Hyperloop will be solar-powered and will not depend on the grid for power). Suppose you purchase a product X from a place at $50. You can get same product from another place(far off) at $40,but due to freight charges you get it at $60. Now Hyperloop will scrap off these transportation costs by making transport unbelievably cheaper. It will hence help improve economy by connecting cities and lead to the formation of supercities with goods being delivered in minutes.

Thus Hyperloop would help channeling the best resources of the country and lead to expansion of resources. Through better networks and connected markets it will lead to formation of supercities with combined populations, cultural assets and community assets of separate cities.


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